Art Competitions provide opportunities on several levels. Today’s world, whether it’s in the classroom or the workforce, is extremely competitive.  Art competitions and contests which help attendees prepare for “life after art” too.

Apart from regular tenures of study and exams focused teaching-learning programs, GSS organizes a repertoire of co-curricular and extracurricular events and activities within the 2 years study stay of a student in science. The CCAs and ECAs are given space to involve and expose the students to the problems, programs and events that lend them an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents which in turn nurtures students study as well as personality and professional skills. 

Art is one of those co-curricular fleets that centrally triggers students inner creativity get a place of expression through symbolic communication. It triggers imagination power to get a space for expression and so, has a close relation with intellectual enhancement of a practitioner. 

GSS provides students an opportunity to participate in the art competition held several times in a year on different occasions. Generally art competition is held as a mega event during the annual festivals and there are some more occasions when this event is participated by our students. The students are also encouraged to take part in the art completion beyond the calendar activities of GSS which is usually done by sending the interested students to take part in the competitions held by other colleges as well as professional organizations.  In 2078, GSS held a number of competition among that the annual competition was participated by a number of students from different sections of grade 11 and grade 12. 

The art competition was much admired by the students generally when it was organized as an inter-class or program level event in that the college invited professional artists from national art academy and other expert members who performed jury. The position holders were given trophies and cash prizes at the same time all participants were distributed certificate of participation. 


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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