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Global School of Science is a Global College Associate which itself is a prestigious institution noted for excellence in management studies in Nepal. GSS is founded with a vision to be core science discovering research center where each individual is guaranteed self-explorative and innovative learning environment. As such, GSS anticipates to develop academically skilled scientists, technology experts, all-known science leaders, and intellectually valuable citizens who would be able to grasp ongoing and also upcoming natural, physical, biological, technological cultures leading all-the required areas for a holistic development of local and global societies. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure and quality environment, GSS aims to empower every learner to identify and transform his/her inner potential into working competences while getting prepared to lead the global knowledge society as distinguished scientist, doctor, engineer, IT expert and so on. 

Any students willing to pursue Science studies at GSS must comply to the following: 

  1. The candidates should have passed SEE or its equivalent securing 2.8 GPA and above. 

  1. The grade requirements of specific subjects must conform to the ones set by NEB as minimum requirement: C+ in Science and Mathematics, D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.  

Students willing to join GSS, an exclusive +2 for Science Education, should follow the given route. 

  1. Registration: One can register online with the links available on facebook page, website or visit the college for inquiry and registration. 

  1. Qualifying Exam: The registered students must attend qualifying test the date of which they receive upon registration. 

  1. Booking seats: Qualified students are notified about the due date within which they can reserve seats for themselves by depositing certain amount of fee.   

For Grade XI and Grade XII


Biology  1 Group 

Biology  2 Group 

Physical Group 











Social Studies 














College Hours: 

10:30 AM to 5:15 PM (8 periods a day)     

Weekly Test 

While we make every possible effort to combine best students with best faculties, it's important that we set certain parameters on the basis of which the quality is delivered and measured on tangible terms consistently. We understand WEEKLY TESTS and their RESULTS are the most important indicators of ascertaining students' progress. Concerning the same, please observe the following schedule.                         


Test Day 

Results Day 


Follow Up 




SMS/Phone Call 





SMS/Phone Call 


 Note: The last four periods for grade XI and five periods for grade XII shall run as usual on Weekly Test days.  

Key Information: 

  1. No student is allowed to remain absent on test days except on emergencies relating to medical grounds. In any case of failure, he / she must report by 7:30 the following day, (i.e. Monday for XI and Thursday for XII) and sit for the exam. 

  1. Two copies Monthly Report (Mark Sheet) of Weekly Tests is delivered to the parents/guardians at the end of the month. In addition, the parents are informed regarding monthly report card by SMS/phone calls.  

  1. They are requested to observe them and duly return to college a copy of Mark Sheet with their signature as a mark of acknowledgement while they can keep a copy with themselves. 


The Structure of Weekly Exams 

For Grade XI 

Exam Duration: 160 minutes (80 minutes per Subject) 

Week ¯                Group ®  



First Week 

Physics + Chemistry 

Physics + Chemistry 

Second Week 

Maths + English 

Maths + Botany 

Third Week 

Physics + Chemistry 

Physics + Chemistry 

Fourth Week 

Maths + Computer 

Maths + Zoology 





For Grade XII 

Exam Duration: 120 minutes (60 minutes per Subject) 

Week ¯                Group ® 



First Week 

Physics + Maths 

Physics + Zoology 

Second Week 

Chemistry + English 

Chemistry + English 

Third Week 

Physics + Maths  

Physics + Botany 

Fourth Week 

Chemistry + Nepali 

Chemistry + Nepali 




Pre-medical/Pre-engineering Preparation Classes

Qualifying Test is taken upon the completion of first month. Students with good results can opt for Pre-medical or Pre-engineering Preparation classes. The goal is to help students be able to fetch scholarships in the field of medicine and engineering, and excel well in agriculture, forestry, pharmacy IT related domains. No additional fee is charged for such career-oriented classes.  

Pre-medical/Pre-engineering Preparation Class Eligibility 

  • Two lists will be prepared out of 4 Weekly/Cycle Tests of the first month.  

  • Only passed students can appear in pre-engineering/pre-medical entrance preparation qualifying test. 

  • Only qualified students can attend pre-engineering / pre-medical entrance preparation classes. 

Additional Support Classes 

We encourage all students to perform their best keeping academic goals in their minds. However, not every student can learn on the same day in the same way. At times, some students may need more individualized attention especially the ones with poor performance. Ensuring that all students regularly succeed through all exams, we arrange Additional Support Classes for those having difficulties to get through the Weekly Tests. The sole aim is to help students attain 100% Pass Results, which is our obvious commitment. 

  • Students failing to clear Weekly/Cycle Tests will be called for additional support classes in the morning. 

  • They are guided, supervised made to sit for the tests. 

  • Progress Report is delivered to the parents/guardians.  

Students Study Helpline is an effective spring that takes its origin from the committee comprising of academicians, HoDs, faculties, subject experts and counsellors resolved to concentrate on students' academic difficulties and behavioral shortcomings. When class teachers find consistent problems in students' performance and progress, they interact with the committee. At first, students are inquired about any learning difficulties they are undergoing. They are encouraged to freely express their views. Meanwhile, communication is also established with parents/guardians. Then, findings are discussed within the committee that finally approves apt measures to help students come in line with the performance of the fellow classmates. Any recommendation from the committee is seriously implemented in favor of students with prompt actions.    

Global School of Science conducts numerous ECA and CCA. These programs chiefly aim at developing confidence, commitment and leadership skills in students. We strongly believe that being a crucial team player is as important as individual merits and talents. As such, students here can participate in the following programs.  



Sports related 

Intellect related 

Culture related 

Skill related 

GSS Sports Meet 

Explore Idea 

Orientation Program 

Art Competition 

GSS Summer Futsal 

Result Distribution 

Welcome Program 

Singing Competition 

GSS Summer Basketball 

Poem Competition 

Farewell Program 

Public Speaking Competition 

GSS Football Tournament  

Quiz Contest 

Saraswoti Puja Celebration 

Presentation Competition 

Volleyball Competition 

Career Counselling 

Annual Picnic 

Case Analysis Competition 

Table Tennis Competition 

Book Making Competition 

Teacher’s Day 

Painting Competition  

Cricket Tournament  

Newspaper Making Competition 

Parents/Guardians Meeting 

Report Writing 

Chess Competition 

Speech Competition 

Singing Competition  


Badminton Competition 

Field Visits 

Dance Competition 


Road Race 

Educational Excursion 

Achievements Celebration 



Gokul Dev Badu (9801904902)

Program Director

Global School of Science

Baneshwor, Kathmandu

+977-1-5970317, 9801904902, 9801904908

science@globalcollege.edu.np www.globalcollege.edu.np

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