GSS has a central library adjoined with e-learning centers also connecting the online learning management system (LMS) of the institution.

The library at GSS maintains a wide collection of valuable books on varying subjects including special stocks of study sources on science and technology. The additional sources as useful for research and study stacked at the central library of GSS include volumes of encyclopedia, dictionaries, periodicals, journals, magazines, bulletins in print and soft version. Along with, the library installs advance digital and e-learning systems connected to a range of knowledge resources allowing the end users an unlimited access to global learning media, online platforms, and publications. The central library aligned with e-learning facilities serve multiple purposes; avail multiple and rich hard and soft sources for reading, reviewing and researching. Besides, the central library being connected the LMS supports teaching-learning process and that includes maintaining teaching and learning materials online, maintaining and sharing data, operating and communicating online tests and examinations, maintaining assessment records etc.. 

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Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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