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Rojan Tapol


Mr. Tapol is a highly skilled and experienced educator who teaches Zoology at the Global School of Science. He has been with the school since its establishment and is dedicated to providing students with engaging and inclusive learning experiences.


Rojan Tapol is a dedicated and passionate teacher who has been in the profession for 22 years. He strives to create a student-friendly learning environment by using methods like Total Physical Response and a Communicative Approach to make his lessons enjoyable and engaging. His teaching philosophy centers on the idea that students must know that their teacher cares about them in order to learn. He continuously works to improve himself as a teacher and holds a Master's Degree in Zoology from Tribhuwan University. Rojan is originally from Bhaktapur and currently resides in Kathmandu with his family. He has been with the Global School of Science since its establishment and serves as the HOD of the Biology Department and is the author of Biology textbooks for classes XI and XII.

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