I am excited to have received an endless trust from a large community of potential scholars, parents and stakeholders from diverse background on Global School of Science (GSS), the institution established to be an exclusive center of +2 science under Global College. Highly potential communities of students, supporting parents, mentoring experts, and immensely helpful stakeholders from diverse academic and professional upbringings are engaged upon building GSS.

In the abundance of expert and intellectual resources engaged to building dynamic educational process, we at GSS integrate a series of pedagogical approaches within the transformational framework. Our central curricula are student centric that are then calibrated with the modern technological and intellectual aspects in use. With the student centric pedagogy, we anticipate our graduates will excel not only in study but also be able to pursue science that will include medical, engineering, IT etc. courses in future.

Amidst the increasing competitions, being educated in Science has an obvious reason. My reasons are to offer our young generations an opportunity to experiment and construct self-explored knowledge who should therefore be easy to cope up with and thrive through new challenges that relate to health hazards, natural calamities and so on. In view of these, we lend high priority on innovative teaching- learning practices further systematized with every day, weekly, monthly etc. cycle tests designed to lend students constant exposure to exercise and improve their academic competence and also confidence in order to pass out their exams with commendable score.

I am delighted to announce that our highly qualified faculty provide special attention to individual student with a focus to empower each with skills required to solve the problems of any kind. As a matter of fact, teaching at GSS takes a shape in interactive tasks with plentiful experiential exposures also materialized by frequently held educational visits particularly to science and technology centers and outside. The blends of such activities have been fruitful to unleashing learner potential for learning by self- contextualized actions.

In my capacity as a program director, I am encouraged to upgrade my efforts to mentoring every single student and remain aligned with my faculty dedicated to attaining the best results toward the overall growth of GSS at large. Thanking you all for your all-round cooperation and support, I welcome you all to building GSS, An Exclusive Center of +2 Science.

Gokul Dev Badu, M.Sc.

Program Director


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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