I am delighted that Global school of Science under the ownership of Global College has taken yet another leap of success from its grand launching 2 years back, as an exclusive center of +2 science. 

At this point, it is a matter of happiness that the launching of Global School of Science has been considerably demanding and as well encouraging for us, our students and parents. Though we are aware, there is still a long way to go, we have been successful to deliver quality in science +2 in the proven best pattern possible. 

 I am much delighted that in a very small segment of time, Global School of Science has started receiving attention of remarkably potential circles of students seeking to pursue +2 in Science.  I am very much encouraged that aspirant students of diverse learning trends have begun to show high degree of trust on GSS just as it is in the craze of scholarly circles who show distinct craze to join Global College in different academic programs.  To my best of knowledge, the new zeal shown toward GSS by the communities of learners must have been due to our philosophy and it is to nurture young minds upon being shaped as future scientists, engineers, doctors and skilled work force who are sure to grab prospering career. This very demand is fulfilled at GSS at the power of redemptive educational endeavors alongside our approaches to science education and that is primarily student centric and on top of all-inclusive in quality.    

While moving along with our success history of +2 science program ahead however, we don’t want to be self-complacent. Instead, we are always prepared to take up growing demands on us from our respected parents and loved students and make our efforts persistent in modelling Global school of Science as a center of quality education. This being our core priority is materialized in our motto, pedagogical system and educating process that we design to stretch the mould not just by imparting theory of science but in the practices built within the interactive systems institutional as well as individual. Our pedagogy constitutes at the strength of dedicated  teaching discharged by expert team of faculty, very congenial classroom environment, use of modern digital and online technologies, and beyond classroom support and mentoring we provide to our students preparing them not only for board exams but also for medical, engineering and advance technology course preparations and more… 

Set with distinctive vision, values and features, I am very much comfortable to announce that GSS within the ownership of Global College under Professional Educators Limited is now an established and state-of-the-art center for science studies. With an ever increasing necessity for creating the most congenial learning environment that adequately motivates learning minds to grow with 21st century smart skills, the science program at GSS is operated with a support of high-tech and modern techno-friendly resources deemed helpful to offering distinct academic prevalence.

 Teaching with technological endowments for better learning in science has been our overbearing priorities at GSS.  This is assured by our professional teams who are adequately trained to use the advance technologies and facilitate individual student even beyond the classroom in learning being focused on activities that play instrumental role to enhancing skills. At the same time, our expert team of faculties are schooled enough to know how to offer individuals scientifically useful learning experiences. GSS faculties have commendable expertise and are always at the side to offering students an all-round learning exposure in a professionally sound, research oriented and innovative learning model for educational outcomes that in case of science are subject to experience in practical or experiential learning that comes rewardingly in the conducive learning environment enriched with new technologies.

Finally, I am glad to work for your aspirations as the principal of GSS, an exclusive center of +2 science and express my full commitment to serve you with the best quality education that to me, is your penultimate target of joining GSS. 

My sincere welcome to GLOBAL SCHOOL OF SCIENCE, all aspirant students who are always keen to pursue science.  Thank you our valuable scholarly members for your cooperation and ongoing support! 

Amba Datt Joshi, MSc

Principal, Global School of Science. 


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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