Presentations consist of reviewing readings, exploring materials, organizing the findings for the project reports, essay writing, writing academic articles which the students then prepare in the power-point slides for presentation. 

Presentation activities and skills are of special emphasis at GSS and are practiced by students in collaboration with their tutors in complement with class discussions and lectures relating different areas of science. For the presentation to develop as a process of self-initiated learning, GSS students are provided with technical and logistic support for preparation and that consists of presenting in power-point slides, reporting structures of essay, academic report and articles based on students’ research in different areas of science linking some burning issues.   Student quality circle meetings, subject and theme relevant workshops, seminars and interaction sessions are common exponents of presentations. 

GSS organized presentation as a mega and all participated event this year i.e. 2078. All subject-faculty members were assigned to organize presentations in the form of competitions in their respective class to be taken part by each student in a group of maximum 3 or 4 members. The subject-based presentations were thematic in nature that covered computer science, physics, biology, chemistry, English, Nepali, and Mathematics. Total of 800 students showed their active participation in the subject topic focused presentation competitions. The program was given a form of event with the second and third round of selection based on the students' performance in their subject based presentations. The students who excelled in a maximum presentations in each section or class were finally selected for final program that was a college level presentation competition event. This was organized as a celebration in the presence of distinguished personalities, experts who did their roles of jury and also deliverance of their keynotes on the performance of participants. The position holders were felicitated with trophies, medals, cash prizes whereas all the student participants were consoled with certificate of participation. 


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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