Research works at GSS include the topic or problem-focused expeditions, field observations, lab experiments, observation of natural and environmental systems, technological developments, and more.

As an exclusive center of +2 Science, GSS operates

science program with top priority in the problem-

based research works as instrumental to developing


learning in building connections between past

theories and knowledge in lab-based experiments

and field research. Along with the mainstream

pedagogical designs and practices that build

educational process in the interaction of multiple

dynamics on interface, students at GSS are exposed

to research works that entail intellectual tasks

of reviewing and/or meta-analyses of secondary

sources as well as field-based projects in which

primary sources are observed, surveyed and explored

for scientifically validated information. Research

works at GSS include topic or problem-focused

expeditions, field observations, lab-experiments,

observation of natural and environmental systems,

technological developments, and more... covering

various areas of life science. Research works as a

central-curricula are concluded in the annually and

occasionally held events such as science exhibitions,

science Olympiads etc. in that students’ involvement

is primarily centralized to prepare science-models,

science projects in different areas e.g. electronics,

digital technology, general and health science,

natural science, bio-chemicals, mathematical

applications etc.


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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