Computer lab is a basic requisite that at GSS accommodates digital or information communication technology (ICT) that has entered the realm of its didactic system as the emerging integral educational media having a power to avail GSS faculty and students as the end-users with global thoughts, concepts, content and knowledge, skills etc. effectively as required to smoother learning in science and technology.

 The computer technologies with their power to store, mobilize data in cloud and bring global knowledge in unparalleled efficiency play a vital role to accelerating the modernizing process of science education at GSS for an inclusive development and benefit of its knowledge communities.  In an effort to standardize with technological eligibility, GSS has installed a sophisticated computer lab equipped with branded desktops in sufficient number also supplemented with educational kits that consist of tablets and laptops. The recent editions of branded computers and laptops in the computer lap by means of LAN and WIFI, are networked with unlimited internet facility that is used to support a number of ICT and media lending access to academic, research and knowledge resources. The computer lab at GSS also provides student an easy access to globally networked e-learning resources via different virtual and cloud-based technology all that are connected to LMS and central library developed exclusively in use for a support to +2 Science Program.


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