Global School of Science (GSS), under the ownership of Global College of Management, is an exclusive center of +2 science which prepares every individual to be educated in science and technology and use its core subjects of intellectual significance as valuable assets for life to advance within the fast emerging technological cultures.

The institution endeavors to deliver science at par the excellence of academic benchmarks having a national and international repute. Within the collaborative systems, the institution operates the science program in compliance with national curriculum also incorporating the international academic and intellectual skills prioritized at GSS for innovation in teaching-learning systems, patterns and practices. In pursuance to our commitment for academic quality in priority, we at Global School of Science appropriate multifaceted modern pedagogy in classroom that is salient in constructing academic process which should adequately encourage students to secure best performance not merely in exams but also beyond in self-generated knowledge resulting from new discoveries of thought, ideas and skills as would be ideal to shaping the 21st century citizens. The learning environment at GSS is profound for educational process to build with academic quality conceptualized in terms of facilities, technologies and resources that are adequate enough to engage both faculty and students in practices of teaching and learning science upon the changing perspective. The classroom teaching approaches at GSS are student-centric and effectively guide the practices for students to experiment, prove and use science as a skill fostering process to successfully cope with new technology induced changes and challenges. The academic systems and teaching-learning practices at GSS develop in guidance of the constructivist principles of education; awareness, autonomy, and authenticity being inclusive for both self-talented and below average students. We guarantee individual learners a space for self-efficacy practices that are increasingly demanded for the development of scientific acumen in learning communities enrolled at GSS. Being adhered to interactive curricula, GSS stands firm in its journey to offering each young mind experiential learning experiences blended with lab-supported practical courses as special features of teaching science. As such, we anticipate our scholars to grasp science comprehensively as a course of special learning through seamless educational exposures and be able to seize quality learning outcomes.

Each of our potential students at GSS is offered plentiful opportunities to learn fundamentals of science not merely in the confinements of centrally imposed curriculum but in the illumination of knowledge that the practitioners constitute in classroom actions and laboratory experiments organized in the scientifically defined real-situations and beyond. Our mainstream curricula incorporate multiple conceptual, technical, pedagogical etc. aspects of science and technology in compliance with the curriculum effective under Nepal Education Board. In addition, the foundational traits of +2 science at GSS are paired with educational components including the concepts, contents and skills that are timely updated at the power of research-driven practices as essential to foster in each student scientifically proven knowledge whereby each learner is enabled to deal with natural as well as human induced phenome in emerging trend in today and tomorrow’s context. GSS’s mainstream approach is to deliver time-tested and generically valued education also integrating the curriculum that is enriching in the blend of technical and conceptual endowments of science education modelled at the par of national and international standards. 

The science program at GSS ranks superb in resource inputs, process and outputs that are ensured by combining local and global curricula on the interface. The combination of theoretically salient and practically proven scientific concepts and spatially identified natural and perennial realities and facts at GSS is secured in classroom practices that are adequate in the eclectic mix of the curricula and extra-curricular embodiments that allow both faculty and students to engage in problem solving tasks ultimately contributing to the development of an aspiring learner, the one who can work independently in attaining the most aspired educational goals leading to academic excellence. The blended-learning models at GSS prepare students to be fully acquainted with science and the interrelated dynamics in participatory framework lending each an easy access to valuable academic resources, updated systems, and new educational technology that enable learners to construct knowledge in self-generated awareness, autonomy, and with authenticity. These interactive methods motivate students to self-engage in actions prudently dedicated to discovering meaning of science in partially mediated but self-engaging practices leading to acquisition of in-depth knowledge and multi-tasking competence in different streams such as; biology, physics, chemistry, and other related subjects. 

The vision to deliver science for quality educational outcomes at GSS is materialized from the involvement of expert faculty who are trained to dedicate additional academic efforts upon our scheme and it is to nurture each aspirant student who is facilitated in the superbly organized learning environment. In an endeavor to achieving the vision, senior academicians, practitioners, experts, and scientists possessing a professional track-record in different areas of science are deputed at GSS. In a persistent endeavor to developing educational process within the knowledge construction pedagogical scheme, the subject experts at GSS design teaching that centers students in action given a form under the motivational mentoring of the faculty. As such, GSS substantiates science education in the nurturing of individual students for actions that are mediated to reach the zone of proximal development when each feels her/his creativity garnished at the power of self-initiated practices framed after our vision; ‘science for invention and knowledge transformation.’

In a conducive learning environment, GSS collaborates its resources along with students and faculty with national and international educational benchmarks involved in scientific research yielding learning in innovation. Learning collaborations are forged at GSS for multifaceted partnership with diverse educational agencies that too open up new platforms for our learning communities to get connected with the global experts having their instrumental role to hook out learner potentials that in turn help to transform hidden talent into learning rewards. In pursuance to this very sought after goal, the science program at GSS is dedicated to study highly persistent in this direction; the concerned departments and faculty are deputed to explore and organize student exchange programs, manage the student participations in Science-exhibitions, Olympiads, and Educational trips, and more... In an intent to keep its academic trajectory agile, GSS has distinguished its approach to delivering science in institutional learning collaborations. This falls under the scheme to build science study a perennial process of learning that results out of classroom practices blended with advance lab-based experiments, learning experiences and innovation. These pedagogical aspects also immensely matter as these play eminent role in helping the communities of young scientists to be acquainted with all-encompassing areas of knowledge and scientific skills that ultimately shall have meaning in being able to transform and develop our students academically so as to shape them into successful professionals. Within these backdrops, GSS articulates its academic philosophy for science in vision, mission and objectives outlined subsequently.



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