Professional Educators Limited (Pro-Ed), publicly incorporated company founded by a group of scholars, educationists and professionals of high reputation, is a publically renown brand of education. Established in 2004.

The company is governed with a 21st century academic vision; to operate science, management and other latent disciplines of education with a special emphasis on academic skills as fundamental for new generations to survive and thrive through this competitive age of modernization pressing individuals to become able citizens with a raised living standard and economic development of the nation. Within the corporate mission, vision and design, Pro-Ed limited owns and manages these main subsidiaries; Valley View English School, Global School of Science, Global College of Management (NEB and TU programs), Global College International (MWU affiliated under graduate and graduate programs), and Liberty College for different academic programs of science and management stream affiliated to both national and international boards and universities.


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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