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Tekendra Timalsina



Tekendra Timalsina has been an outstanding instructor of Mathematics in different colleges in Kathmandu from secondary school to Bachelor level. He has more than 5 years teaching experience in Engineering and other more bachelor level program. He has been a dynamic teaching faculty of Mathematics at the Global School of Science (GSS) since its inception. Apart from the regular teaching activities, he has actively immersed himself in assisting students in project works and project writings in several topics of Mathematics. He has involved in academic research in Mathematiics. He enrolled and completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Tri- Chandra College, Ghantaghar, Kathmandu and he graduated in Mathematics from the Central Department of Mathematics, Kirtipur, Kathmandu.  

He is doing M.Phil in Mathematics from Tribhuvan University. He is the permanent resident of Gotikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.

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