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Janak Shrestha


Mr. Shrestha is an excellent teacher with many years of experience in the education field. In Global School of Science, he teaches Physics.



For over 3 years, Janak Shrestha has been an exemplary Teacher Assistance of Physics ( Physics Laboratory teacher) at different colleges in Kathmandu. You may know him best from his unyielding work at Global School of Science (GSS). Moreover, Janak has involved himself in physics research. He holds a Master of Science in Physics from St. Xavier’s College ( TU affiliated). Besides, he was engaged in social work, Pashupati Bridha Aarshram for three months as a volunteer. He has worked 2 years in research field and published his paper, Effect of Co-axial Dielectric Barrier Discharge on Water Treatment at different sites of Kathmandu Valley, in Journal of Science and Engineering.

He was born in Kakani, Nuwakot and currently resides in Tarkeshwor-11, Kathmandu. 



Tel.: 9849110881

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