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Ishwar Chandra Rijal


Mr. Rijal is an excellent Faculty with tons of experience in the education field. In Global School of Science, he teaches Chemistry.


Ishwar Chandra Rijal is a highly experienced Chemistry teacher with over 19 years of experience in various colleges in Kathmandu. He is well known for his work as a faculty of Chemistry at the Global School of Science (GSS) and Little Angels' College (LA). He has also taught secondary-level science in various schools and Inorganic Chemistry for B. Pharmacy at JF Institute of Health Sciences for 7 years. He has received recognition for his outstanding work as a Chemistry faculty and Head of Department at Kathmandu BernHardt College. Ishwar was born in Panchthar and is originally from Baradashi-2 Jhapa. He currently resides in Lalitpur  -23, Dhapakhel.


Tel.: 9841441281

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