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Hiranya Lekhak


Mr. Lekhak is an excellent teacher with many years of experience in the education field. In Global School of Science, he teaches Physics.



With honesty, dedication, organizational citizenship & professional ethos, Mr.Hiranya lekhak has been teaching Physics for more than 20  years in different reputed colleges & schools of Nepal. You may know him as an experienced  & qualified  faculty of Physics with positive mindset  at the Global school of science (GSS )

 Lekhak has been honoured with the excellent teacher award for his outstanding  academic contributions to Gyan kunja  Higher secondary school ,Kathmandu .He holds a master degree in Physics from T.U ,Kirtipur ,Kathmandu .He was born in Mahendranagar ,Kanchanpur  ,Permanently from Baitadi – 5  & currently resides Kirtipur- 3 ,Kathmandu.He is also Author of pioneer Physics  of grade Xi & Xii.


Email: hiranya.lekhak

Tel.: 9841348274

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