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Jay Prakash Paudel


Mr Paudel is an excellent teacher with many years of experience in the education field He is currently teaching Chemistry at the Global School of Science


Jay Paudel is a highly regarded chemistry teacher and head of the department at GSS. He has earned a master's degree in Chemistry from Tribhuwan University and has written numerous books and educational materials. Over the past decade, Jay has inspired students with his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm and has a proven track record of maintaining high academic standards. He possesses exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, allowing him to cultivate positive relationships with both colleagues and students. Jay's leadership qualities and ability to foster a passion for learning are remarkable. He is also tech-savvy and keeps up-to-date with advancements in media and technology.

Mr Paudel was born and raised in Bardiya and currently resides in Kathmandu with his family. The city of Kathmandu has become a second home for him.


Tel:  9851152157

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