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Bimal Pandeya


Mr. Pandeya is an educational enthusiast working in this field with his pursuit of serving the nation with his career as a teacher. Ever since he graduated from Tribhuvan University, he has already been working for more than twenty years in different educational institutions in the Kathmandu.



He was born in Kapilvastu. Later with the dream of obtaining higher education in the capital, he enrolled and completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Tri- Chandra College, Ghantaghar, Kathmandu. In 1999, he graduated in Mathematics from the Central Department of Mathematics, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. 

As a professional teacher, he started his career as a faculty of Mathematics in World Link Academy, Tahachal, Kathmandu. Later, he worked as Faculty in Kathmandu Women's College, Tahachal, Kathmandu and Tri Chandra College, Ghantaghar, Kathmandu. Out of all, he worked in United College for 17 years. Currently he is working as a faculty of Mathematics in Global School of Science.  He has participated in different national and international seminars like "Applicable Mathematics" organized by Central Department of Mathematics, T.U. Kirtipur.

He is keen on verbal and communication skills in English, Nepal and Hindi. He can work under pressure and in time constraints. He is capable to deal pleasantly and effectively with people. He is equally efficient in handling the administrative works.



Tel.: 9841373933

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