Extended on the academic legacy of Global College, Global School of Science has been launched and likewise managed as an exclusive center of +2 science and is recognized among the generations of students and parents as being the heart-in-family institute offering education on making a difference.

Within this stature, GSS is operated primarily to fostering in students positive thinking and a culture of creating knowledge for individuals to be able to live scientifically valued and respectable intellectual and social life. Inherently hence, GSS prioritizes to impart education in guidance of interactive pedagogical frameworks practiced mostly in the innovative situations.  Under this module, each student at GSS is trained to take an ownership of learning shaped as an experiential practice that enables individual learners to recognize and construct knowledge as smart intellectual system embodied in skills of research and innovation. GSS promises learning environment and facilities where young minds being trained for learning in self-motivation, immerse individually as well as in team structures in academic, explorative and research practices. Explorative and research designs constitute education in the exposures of multiple ideas and concepts that eventually lead potential minds to learn making connections not only among human agencies but also with global  thoughts, academic and work-life dynamics and more…

GSS combines all its educational endeavors with selectively statured best facilities and IT-support systems availed at par of the international standard and effectiveness guaranteed. The in-house features constituted in the harmony of fine-tuned infrastructure decorate GSS as a state-of-art educational institute managed in the entirety of benchmarking physical as well as academic, and intellectual environment making a distinct convergence. The richness of learning environment at GSS is lively and it constructs in the mixtures of interior segments and learning facilities extended at the annexation of modernized science laboratories together with all the way globally acceptable new technologies installed in the mainstream educational and administrative system of the school. GSS operates both educational and administrative undertakings supported by digital and online management information system ( MIS) that too connects the central library, study and activity halls, beyond the classroom learning platform desks, and other learning centers created to build learning as a process of experimentation,  self and team participated action of reflection and reformation.  Apart from various common educational assets and teaching aids, GSS has installed and assures each individual practitioner maximized access to and use modern technology-based teaching-learning accessories and assets. The school is fully equipped with multimedia, TV and radio studios, digital as well as e-learning and virtual simulation systems, tutorial and e-library facilities, and other learning equipment that allow students to practice science also via online school learning system (OSLS), management information system (MIS), Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle Learning System (MLS). Online Virtual and Live Class System (OVLCS), and Online Collaborative Video Conferencing System (OCVCS) and others… 

Augmented at the strength of cutting-edge academic and educational technology and superb learning environment also supplemented with quality involvement of professionally sound human resources, GSS stands among those few leading and vibrant educational benchmarks that we recognize to be the most innovative institutions recognized for their success to be the exclusive and unique centers of learning science.   


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