Science & technology is a significant area for our young ones

Science & technology is a significant area that our young ones should not only be acquainted with but also use them in order to be shaped as knowledgeable, systematic and technology skilled citizen so as to cope with the new encounters of complexity facing our life in the emerging science and technologically ruled contexts. Amidst the emerging challenges such as that have come to each associated with COVID pandemic, it becomes obligatory that our academic institutions make themselves able to develop education in systems that integrate science and educate each aspirant community of learners in practical approaches constituted with innovative models of education that would ideally benefit not only learners but also society as the stakeholders of education in turn.  Benchmarking institutions are very much sought after environments where the learner communities can significantly contribute to designing and practice science as an innovative learning process for new inventions to take place.

I do believe the scholarly community of Global School of Science (GSS) has been successful to making a prodigious leap within these 2 years of establishment in delivering most valuable and practicable meaning of science materialized in learning that results in the practice of innovation. I am happy to know that GSS has been fast enough to become a model institution for  science & technology. I am also proud that Rashtriya Awishkar Kendra (National Innovation Center) Nepal and Global School of Science have entered in the second phase of institutional partnership which will be directed to facilitate and offer all potential SEE graduates an excellent platform of learning science in practices that involve innovation while delivering top-notch quality education. I encourage all aspirant candidates to consider joining GSS now proven as a success launcher of science education that is sure to help you all to stretch up meaningful career ahead. I wish all quality time with GSS. 

Dr. Mahabir Pun  

Rastriya Anusandhan Abiskar Kendra 




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